Britta Wittmann

Coach mit Leib und Seele: Ich biete Ihnen fast 20 Jahre Berufserfahrung und Qualifikationen in Physiotherapie, Sportphysiotherapie, Körper- und Geistestraining, Funktionstraining/medizinisches Aufbautraining, Mental-Sport-Coaching, Kinder- und Jugendtraining, Faszienosteopathie, Tanzanatomie, Tanzmedizin, Tanztechnik und Verletzungsprävention. Gemeinsam schaffen wir neue Möglichkeiten und entfalten das volle Potential vor, während und nach der Produktion. Ich freue mich darauf, die Reise mit euch zu beginnen!




"I had a privilege of working with Britta for CUNNINGHAM 3D – a film about legendary American choreographer Merce Cunningham. For 30 days, she worked with an international cast of 13 Cunningham technique trained dancers, alleviating their aches and pains, treating injuries, lifting their moods and spirits, and mental coaching them, helping the dancers to concentrate, balance and perform at their best. Her professionalism kept our cast healthy and capable to endure long hours. Many of them reported that thanks to Britta, they felt better after the shoot than they did prior to it.”
Alla Kovgan
Film director
"Britta is intuitive, strong and knows how to read the body. Whatever I came to her with, Britta always assessed my entire body, drawing connections that helped me not only deal with the injuries at hand but prevent more. She has strong hands, is polite and knows how to be present without being overwhelming. She can react instantly, efficiently and professionally in a variety of situations. I would recommend Britta without hesitation. She is a rare Physio and has a great personality on top of it."
Dylan NYC
“I would highly recommend Britta for any Physical Therapy job. When faced with a brand new group of dancers with varying physical treatment needs and injury histories, Britta was able to quickly assess each individual and come up with treatment approaches that worked perfectly for each person. She had an excellent sense of intuition in dealing with the physical demands that were placed on us. In addition she was able to provide the much needed psychological support that can often be hard to find in a physio.”

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