Performance Coaching

The Stage is yours! - is often easier said than done. Especially in the field of dance, there are many talents who make their way onto the stage. But then to perform in front of a large and selected audience and finally live out your passion is not only associated with physical preparation and effort, but also with mental excitement, nervousness or even fear. With my medical know-how in physio, my training as a mental coach and my knowledge of the stage, I would like to coach young up-and-coming talents as well as experienced dancers and actors who need an upgrade in their performance. My goal is to convey solution strategies in order to realize one's own goal or even one's own dream.

Early practice

Especially in children and youth coaching I have gained experience in recent years and would like to offer young talents professional assistance for maximum potential development. The pre and postpreparation for castings and or concrete stage performances is of enormous importance, especially for young dancers or actors.

Content of my coaching

Supervision, mindfulness training, potential development, social and emotional support, motivation training, relaxation techniques and conflict management, releasing blockades, personality development, burnout prophylaxis, everyday life management, resource training, body scan.

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